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Shortlet Nigeria

We provide Luxurious and Affordable
Short Stay

Our primary focus
at shortlet Nigeria we are a real estate company that specializes in providing luxurious apartments for short stay and short-term housing,

What is a Short Let? A short let is any property that is rented out for a specified period of time. Just as the name implies, it is usually let out for a short period of time which could range from weeks to months. It could include self-con rooms, two bedroom or three bedroom apartments, bungalows and even duplex.

we have a long catalog shortlet apartments listed under us that accommodate regular stays, long stays, video shoot, pool parties,get aways ,girls and boys nights, photoshoot,get together and movie shoots

What sets us apart?

you may be supprised when you discover that we have apartments all over Nigeria especially Lagós and abuja
Our apartments are situated in prime locations and we offer premium services at unbeatable prices
Our apartments would leave you long lasting unforgettable memories

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